Pursuing Happiness in 7 Days


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For the last few years, studying happiness has been a pet project of mine. I am by no means an academic in the field nor do I have any formal training in the field of psychology. I am more of a happiness enthusiast.

I was recently contacted by a friend in the doldrums of depression and asked a simply question: “how can I feel happy”. Simple question, not so simple answer.

Happiness is a deceptively complex concept that we don’t fully understand. Academic study on it is difficult because it is ultimately interrelated with many aspects of meta-cognition (awareness of our own thought processes).Meta-cognition remains a frontier area of science that while heavily studied, remains a largely unexplored area.

That’s okay though, because this series is not intended to be academic in nature (remember I am an enthusiast, not an academic). From my own research, I have noted three important principles:

  1. The same advice is recycled more often than a Cosmo magazine’s sex advice (not that I am admitting to reading Cosmo)
  2. A lot of the advice is contradictory given the personal nature of happiness
  3. The pursuit of happiness is a personal journey that rewards experimentation

Given the above information, over the next seven days, I will release an article once per day covering a concept that has worked for me. I recommend that you give the concept a shot. If it helps you out, great! If not, sorry for wasting your time; I hope that you find happiness elsewhere in your life.

Now that the project is over, the seven articles can be viewed here:

  1. Brainwash Yourself
  2. Exercise
  3. Laugh at Failure (or how I accidently invested a grand in Tim Hortons)
  4. Mood is Part Chemistry
  5. Enjoy the Moment
  6. Don’t Eat Garbage
  7. Social Media Lies to You!

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