Why I Write Part II


My apologies for the late nature of this article. I typically post my articles on Sunday or early Monday at the latest, but can blame the delay on car trouble. For those of you that don’t know, I have tendency to get my car fixed by a mechanic living in a rural forest. When the suspension became bumpier than usual in my 15 year old Corolla, it was another drive over the horizon to have my car looked at.

None the less, I continue to write this weekly post as I have every week for the past 8 months for two reasons. The first is that habits are the best way to accomplish things. Put simply, consistency is the quickest route to achievement. Performing an action with regularity is the best way to accomplish a large project. If you break the habit or pattern however, suddenly the task becomes nearly insurmountable, unless you are one of those people who can focus in like a laser beam and burn through tasks. I am not one of those people…though I do like lasers.

The second reason is that it keeps my writing skills up. Like any skill, you become rusty if you don’t use it. For my work both at the University and as a board game designer, writing plays a critical role and it is important that I practice and maintain the skill. The trouble is that using email and social media all day doesn’t build up the writing skill in all the areas I want. Thus, I use the weekly posts of this blog as a way to stretch my creative writing and storytelling skills, as I can focus on sharing personal stories and thoughts in a style that I rarely get to experience in my other activities. In short, I write in this blog to learn, to chronicle personal stories, and to develop in ways that I cannot through other activities.

I recently came across an artist by the internet alias of Beeple (god, I hope it’s an internet alias). He is a digital artist noted for his 8 years of consecutive “everydays”. “Everydays” are digital images that he creates and posts every day, with the goal being to learn and develop new skills by forcing himself to create a new image each day. Sometimes the images are good, sometimes they are terrible, and often they are just bizarre; but Beeple’s commitment to learning and developing his digital design skillset by producing original artwork each and every day for the past 8 years is the clearest representation of the benefits to engraining a skill as a daily or weekly activity. For those of you interested in Beeple’s “Everydays”, you can check them out here and here.

Those of you put off by the serious nature of the last few posts, what with the discussion of charity last week and this week’s discussion of habitual work; rest assured that next week will mark a return to the status quo. The status quo in this case being a story involving a toddler crapping on my shoes. Until then, have a great week and stay classy!


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