A Birthday to Recall


Those who read my last post know that I have a tendency towards…different birthday requests. This year as with last year, I challenged my family, friends, acquaintances and enemies to make the world a little better by doing one nice thing for someone else and telling me about it. Not that it was a personal request; more of an open Facebook event with invites sent to every “friend” attached to my (alleged) 109 year old profile; from my favorite uncle to the a half-dozen Chinese board game manufacturers.

As you can imagine, the return on the challenge was nowhere near 100%. With that said, the responses that I did receive throughout the week were touching and moved me repeatedly. Below, I would like to share a few of the responses. For privacy reasons, I won’t include the names of the submitters.

“I held a women’s hand as cried over her husband following his failed suicide attempt.”

“I listened to a son tell me stories of his mother as he prepared to donate her organs, sharing in the impact she would continue to have for many years to come.”

“I have two hundred and fifty dollar winter boots, good till -70, that I am going to give to a homeless person today”

“Took my 95 year old friend/neighbour for a morning walk up the hill and celebrated her 1st meal at MacD’s”

“Yesterday a good friend of mine slipped and fell off the steps in her backyard and ended up in crutches. I went and did some grocery shopping for her in spite of my busy schedule.”

I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell and sometimes it is just a matter of getting people to share their wonderful and kind experiences. These are just a few of the responses that I received and all were examples of humanity at its finest; striving to make the world a better place altruistic act at a time.

Thank you to all my friends that worked to give me the greatest gift of all, a better world!


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