Build a Better World for my Birthday!


A shift I have noticed as I grow older is how I treat birthdays. When I was little, a lack of spending money made a birthday seem like a second Christmas, where you were showered with gifts that you could not possibly obtain any other way. Combine that with a concerted effort by my parents to shower me with attention and it was easy to see why I held birthdays in such high regard.

As I have aged however, my spending money has went up while my desire for material goods has simultaneously went down. What has remained constant however is my desire for social contact and I now focus my birthdays spending time with those around me.

At this point in my life, I am a wealthy man. I earn more than I am surrounded by kind and supportive individuals that make the world I live in a true pleasure each and every day. About the only sticking point when it comes to birthdays is when someone asks me for a gift suggestion.

As previously mentioned, I own most of what I want and am striving to reduce what I own. I sit firmly in the camp that excessive material ownership become a constraint to happiness, not an enhancer.

What I do want for my birthday is a better world. So this year, when people ask me what I want for my birthday, I tell them to go out and do one nice thing for someone else between now and the date of my birthday (September 21st). Then come and tell me about it either in person, on this facebook page or at my email:

Give me the gift of a better world for humanity; that in the end is what I really want for my birthday!


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