Concept #4 Mood is part Chemistry

Digital Design by Daniel Prairie

Digital Design by Daniel Prairie

If you have no idea what is going on, I recommend that you read this post first.

I have never been a chemistry whiz. That I somehow avoided immolating myself and others throughout high school is proof more of a higher power then my competency with solutes and solutions. Despite this, I understand that to a certain degree happiness is a chemical process within our brain. How much influence we have over the chemical process is a matter of debate, with self-help books downplaying it and pharmaceuticals emphasizing it, but it is an undeniable aspect of happiness.

With this in mind, some days you are going to just feel in the dumps. Even if you are one of those magical people that’s seemingly never depressed, you are certainly going to feel better on some days than others. The chemicals in your body are not playing ball and your mood just isn’t good. On these days, it’s easy to beat yourself up, whine about your problems to the world (regardless of whether they want to hear it) and fall into a downward spiral.

Where you do have a choice is how far you want to fall. We all have days where things seem to go wrong: we lose our keys, we leave our lunch on the bus, we get stuck next to a gun wielding man on a plane. These types of events don’t elicit positive reactions and while you can blunt it through tactics like laughing it off, positive emotions are not the first thing that come to mind. The point is to accept the negative mood, but recognize that it is temporary. While it may linger for a day or two, in short-order emotional equilibrium will return and life will continue.

Applying the Concept

Remember back in concept #1 when I said to brainwash yourself through self-talk? That applies here in spades. Tell yourself that it is unhappy but that it will pass. Tell yourself that unhappiness is part of life and that without it, we would have no way in which to measure positive experiences. If it persists for weeks on end, by all means seek professional help, but if you just aren’t feeling upbeat one day; then let it be. For better or for worse, tomorrow will be a new day and fretting over it won’t serve to make you feel any better.


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