A Day Off


Sometimes you just need a day off. A day when you do something outside of the norm that defines your workaday life. For me, Good Friday is that day. Waking up early (I don’t sleep much), I enjoyed coffee and a good book for an hour or two before sitting down write. Looking forward, I foresee running, a bit of financial investment research, gaming and spending time with family at our Easter weekend dinner. There will be no grandiose story for today, just a description of what has occurred and what is to come on this beautiful Friday. How will you spend the day? Let me know by comment or Facebook and I wish you the best on this fantastic weekend.

For those hoping for something more, rest assured that the regular writing schedule will resume Monday. Given the Easter weekend, I think it is time I cracked out the story about when I impersonated Jesus; so you can look forward to that on Easter Monday.


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