Confidence through Creation


Self-confidence is a funny thing; no matter how much we do in our lives, we are our toughest critics. Of course this can be beneficial, being hard on yourself can work to keep you from stagnating in your comfort zone. More often than not however, people wallow in self-pity as they over-analyze the problem and do very little of anything; analysis paralysis if you will.

It is for this reason that my go to advice to anyone with confidence issues is to make something. It doesn’t matter what you make, but the act of producing something tangible in the world produces an immense feeling of satisfaction and personal accomplishment. Recently, a friend shared with me the overwhelmingly positive experience he had renovating his new house, performing everything from breaking the concrete with a Jackhammer to laying the water pipes and installing the door frames, he did everything from scratch. Furthermore, he did it with no prior background, relying on the internet as his primary source of education. He described with satisfaction that following the completion of the projects, he felt he could do anything.

Now I am not encouraging you to go out to the nearest construction site, “borrow” a jackhammer, and begin pounding your basement into oblivion. If you are like me, you know a deathtrap when you see it and despite healthcare being free, I accept that there are some tasks best left to others. In my experience, the boost in self-confidence can come from performing the smallest of tasks. To use an example from my own life, coffee-making for me is a source of immense personal satisfaction. Carefully measuring coffee beans and water temperature, meticulously pouring in a controlled fashion, and being able to sip a coffee and detect all the subtle nuances of the coffee give me a sense of accomplishment each and every morning.

Going beyond this, cooking and writing provide a similar boost in confidence to me, as being able to start with a handful of base ingredients or a blank page and end the process with something enjoyable to myself and others does wonders for self-confidence and self-worth

We all live busy lives, but if you want to give yourself a confidence boost, find time this week to produce something. Make a meal, bake a dessert, draw a picture, anything that is physically tangible and you can look upon knowing it was a manifestation of your willpower that created it. I am interested in what readers produce, so be sure to comment below with something that gain satisfaction from in creating.


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